1. When will Apple kill the iPod? →

    by Steve Guttenberg, cnet.com

    Apple wants to move all of your “content” to the iCloud, so the Touch is probably safe, but the rumors about the Classic’s demise have been churning for years.

    Phys­i­cal music for­mats were so 20th cen­tu­ry, so we put our music on com­put­ers.…

    Interesting article. I’m always wary of these kinds of “change is bad… it’s all going to hell” reactions to disruptive technologies. I say the iPod died at the birth of the iPhone. iPod sales have declined nearly every year since. Why? Because the iPhone was better and more convenient. It took the 2 devices we used to carry (iPod and cell phone) and combined them into one. That’s called progress and its to be celebrated, not lamented. As for the plight of musicians, they’ll be just fine. Yes the record industry has been disrupted. So what? So have the industries for publishing, software, TV, travel, photography, computers, advertising, etc. Musicians will just have to figure out how to deal with change, just like everyone else. They have been around for thousands of years before there was ever a record industry and I’m sure they will be around for thousands more, after the current industry’s demise. So long iPod. I’m looking forward to what replaces you!!!